Tesching ctges 16

#1 is likely to be the 10.4x38R Vetterli (MS5) but more measurement is required to be sure.

#2 is correct: 9.5x47R MB Stahl (MB75)

#3 & 4 are both 9.8x31R Austrian (A3) Keller case #388

thanks ! You are a bible !

hello Brad

I’m coming back on the two ctges on the right.

  1. Who is SK ?

  2. T bullet diameter of both seem to be a little bite too small. (9.8 instead of 10)
    Usually the bullet diam I measure is always bigger than the one shown in your book and here it is the opposite

  3. The length of the first one seems to be a litlle too long (31.3 instead of 30.7)

Could you check the bullet diam in your files ?


bullet diam of this cartridge is reported raging from 9,80 to 10,01 mm on known specimens. Case lenght from 30,65 mm to 31,00 mm

I think that these dimensional tolerances, that are common with these cartridges make these cartridges very hard to ID . Brad’s work is a bible and very helpful to properly ID these rounds

SK stands for SERAPHIN KELLER (1823-1882) who established SERAPHIN KELLER and COMPANY. Also used the “K&C” hs and a “KELLER.H 1887” hs where H= Hirtenberger.

Marco’s comments re the tolerances are correct. Those bullet diameters are typical for a 9.8mm, why do you think they are too small ?. Case lengths do vary this much as explained before - I am sure they are both A3.

ok thanks