Texas Cartridge Show

I would like to get a feeling of who all would be interested in a Texas Cartridge Show and would set up at it.

I am working on the details but I would like to hold this show in conjunction with the Texas Gun Collectors Association Fall Show. I think this provides a lot of benefit for a new show such as a large group of collectors with money already coming.

This show is going to be more expensive than the average cartridge show but not out of line with other big gun shows (Baltimore Antique, Tulsa, Denver, Vegas Antique, etc) that some cartridge collectors set up at.

I still need to work out all of the details but it would likely be this:

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 15,16,17 2021
  • Tables: $145; this includes a fancy bbq lunch Friday and I believe lunch Saturday and Sunday.
  • Hotel: Embassy Suites and Conference Center, Denton, TX. We can use their show rate of $132/night which includes made-to-order breakfast, and hors d’oeuvres and drinks (wine, beer, cocktails, etc) in the evening.
  • You would not have to be a TGCA member. Typically table holders would, but in this case, the Texas Cartridge Show would be a member and buy the tables. Also, visitors do not have to be a member or invited guest (unlike OGCA for instance).

The show is mainly antique and collectible firearms. There is no modern guns or bulk shooters ammo here like average gun shows. I set up at the spring show this past weekend and it was a very good group of people. The camaraderie very much reminded me of what we have at SLICS and very unlike a typical local gun show.

I think I would need to get a commitment of at least 20 tables (May need money ahead of time too as I will need to send them money and buy these tables) to make it worth it.

I really think this would be the best way to get this show started and if it grows then maybe we could think of splitting off on our own. But you are at least guaranteed a lot of buyers walking in and I will try to get as many cartridge-specific collectors too!


I think that’s the way that show was set up a number of years ago. October (during the school year) is really tough for me, but if during a holiday (like SLICS) or during the summer, I would make every effort to attend and get a table.
Retirement will open a lot of opportunities for me.

Sounds great! I would buy a table.

Glad to hear. We have been gaining cartridge collector members in Texas the last few years.
Count me in.

Yes, I would definitely attend a show in my old stomping grounds.

I would likely attend! Sounds like fun!


I’m interested.

I would love to attend… if it was not for the two day drive, one way.


So this would have the cartridge collectors all together in a section of the main TGCA hall, not in a different location across the street from the big gun show, as was done in the past. Being in the main hall with the gun collectors will be a tremendous advantage. I can’t wait. Are the tables 6 or 8 feet? Put me down for two, regardless, and I might go for another if I bring books for sale. Good on you for handling this.

Sounds pretty good, & depending on the scheduling of my next sale I might try to make it.

I might very well be in.

Dates coincide with the US conference that I use to attend pre the COVID apocalypse. I fly in and out of Houston generally and would definitely attend if dates aligned and the borders open. However, I’d like to get to SLICS first…

Anyone interested in adopting me so I can tell my family and my work that I am stuck in the US for several months? I don’t eat much but you may have to lock the liquor cabinet. I’m house trained. :slightly_smiling_face:


What is the name of the city? Sorry, I drove through Texas 2 times but mostly at night, just remember the 5pm traffic in Houston…

Denton TX, north of Dallas/FortWorth

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Thanks, a big ride for me, but maybe…

Assuming I’m not working, I’d love to attend, about an hour from me. Don’t have anywhere near the trade/sale stock to justify a table, but would be likely to chip in the $$ anyway just to help facilitate the meet.

I would try to make it. Sounds good.

any news?

I have a confirmation today that this show will be a go!

The Texas Cartridge Collectors will be a member of the Texas Gun Collectors Association and will be buying the 20 tables since only TGCA members can have tables.

I have 20 tables and only 20 tables. And I do need to collect this ahead of time as I need to send them the money ahead of time for the tables.

I encourage you to soon buy your hotel at this link
which discounts it by like $150/night down to $132/night for a suite. They do sell out of their room block every year. There are tons of other hotels around too but this does seem like a good deal and there are multiple events that take place like auctions and lunches and banquets and etc so it probably is worth staying here.

We will be in the main room with everyone and we have the option of having our grouping of tables all together in maybe one back-to-back aisle or we could be spread around amongst everyone. So please give me your thoughts on this. If we were all together it would be easier to socialize. If we were spread apart you meet new people and maybe there is more or maybe less potential for selling to random people who are there for the collectible guns. I don’t know?

So please plan for this show and let’s get Texas back on the cartridge collecting map!

Please review everything else at https://tgca.org/ too for their rules and regulations and events and etc