Texas Cartridge Show

I wish I could make it to your show. Being I am not yet retired, I do not have enough vacation time to allow me to attend. Hopefully next year will be different.
Sorry my friend,

Aaron, I am sorry I still cannot attend, but thought I might share something.

Members of the VGCA [Virginia Gun Collectors Association] rent tables in a block at The Nations Gun Show in Chantilly, Va., so that we can cover each others tables to take breaks, take turns grabbing lunch, get our socialisation in, share knowledge when someone has questions, and, of course, to have our tables covered so we can do a little shopping.

We also set up a Club Membership table, to pass on what we are doing, events we are hosting, speakers that are scheduled to give presentations, (well, at least when our govenor allows the NRA to open back up so we can have in-person meetings again), and of course to recruit new members.

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Is this still on? I’m looking forward to attending.

No. We’ll maybe try again next year.

Since I had to commit to buying 20 tables and only like 2 people committed to getting tables from me it was not worth taking the chance.

The actual Texas Gun Collectors Association show is still going on however and I am still going and setting up a table and I believe Gary Muckel is planning on it too, but there isn’t going to be an official Texas Cartridge Show component to it this year.