Texas heavy loads


Why Texas? A marketing gimmick or a real significance?


A marketing gimmick to get Texas hunters. I’d imagine because there are so many dove hunters in Texas. Extremely popular sport down here, and also on the south side of the Rio Grande. I can’t imagine the load itself would be different from dove loads used anywhere else as I don’t believe Texas doves are any tougher to bring down.


What’s the top say (load)? I’m betting 3 1/4-1 1/4 or 3 1/4-1 1/8.
I agree it’s a marketing gimmick but a box collector would want one… at least I would. Think it’ll be a rather limited printing.
Nice to see a shotshell box on here, even a new one.



Interestingly enough, Winchester’s LE ammo contract with the state of TX has 12ga birdshot on the list…when I get to work tomorrow I’ll see what part numbers, etc., they list.

This might explain the box label; I can only assume that the birdshot load on the contract would be a police practice load; a heavier load might better replicate a duty 12ga load, with birdshot being easier on backstops, targets, and providing reduced range, lower ricochet, etc.


While these may have been offerred to and used by LE, it was clearly made to be marketed to bird hunters in Texas or surrounding areas.
In the 1960’s and 70’s WW offerred a 3 1/4-1 1/4 load in 8’s and 7 1/2’s as a heavy field load in Xpert shells and perhaps, later, the Upland brand. Heavy shot loads gave way to lighter but faster shot loads and in recent years, here in the US, the 1 1/8oz load has been considered HEAVY. Based on the Texans preference for BIG, perhaps this was a marketing play on that, a big heavy shot load to wallop fat, migratory doves… Texas style!

As I said, it’s an interesting box for a collector of Winchester boxes. I’m guessing its probably a limited run made for a regional market.

I’d like to see a pic of the shells from this box, if you have any.




Here, Chief, the whole caboose


I would just like to draw some attention to the loading remembering its a dove and quail cartridge

2 3/4"- 3 1/4 dr equiv - 1 1/8 oz

Thats a lot of cartridge for a very small bird. maybe thats how they like their cartridges in Texas. Apart from the shot size thats a duck load,( if we were still allowed to shoot such things at ducks )

I would suggest 2 1/2" - 2 3/4 dr eqiv - 1oz or even 7/8 oz is a dove / quail load.

So “Texas Heavy” it certainly is


Texas Doves fly very fast and are extremely tough to bring down. The loads to watch out for are ‘doughnut’ shot loads,

                                                                  from Houston


Vince, here in the US we have been quite a bit heavier in our loadings than you in the UK or Europe. We have even had Handicap Trap loads 3 1/4-1 1/4. However, nowadays we are moving toward lighter loads that move faster and I think the price of materials like lead may be at least a part of that.

It’s interesting that the shells are marked SUPER X yet are very low metal cups, another changing trend here (recent or current offering). For many years the SUPER-X indicated a heavy load, with a high metal cup, usually the heaviest of loadings for waterfowl and even buckshot loadings. The current trend by Winchester today is to produce promotional loads (like these) of the cheapest materials so as to be able to offer them at lower prices. Dove shooters in the US tend to shoot a lot of shells so cheap is good, in that respect. While the shells are not unique or different the box is, I think.