Thai Arms .45ACP

From a Thai-Shooting Range I have got some boxes of .45ACP with various Thai Arsenal hs. They showing up in 9 different variations including various primers. They maybe reloads, but where all in the originalbox, loaded with the 200grs lead bt. Unfortunatelly the person who brought them to me, shoot them up before he gave me the boxes…As I do not use a picture account, I have sent the pics to Alex…and he will post them for me…
One of the HS shows only " RAI 10" in the hs…and it clearly not a broken bunter, as it looks…


Here the images:


Nice selection of headstamps. The 2010 dated RAI headstamp in the group appears to be only the representative of Royal Ammunition Co., Ltd ( ) verses the different Thai Arms headstamps.


Peter, thank you very much, I wasn’t aware of some of those dates in .45 Auto. Alex, thanks for posting the pictures.

These dated headstamps are also found in 9 mm Parabellum and I have taken note the following ones:

THAI ARMS 9 mm - 09
THAI ARMS 9 mm- 10
1 THAI ARMS 0 9 mm
1 THAI ARMS 1 9 mm
1 THAI ARMS 2 9 mm

As you can see, the 2010 date can be found with both headstamp styles.