Thank you everyone!

I want to take a minute to thank everyone for their help, and patience with me over the last couple of months. Today I finished cataloging the cartridge collection that I inherited from my father. They have been stored for more than 20 years waiting for my return to the states.

Since I’ve returned after the better part of 30 years I have joined the IAA and am trying to catch up so I thank you all for helping me not feel as dumb as I actually feel lol!!

I hope to contribute something useful to someone someday soon!! I have learned more in the two months on this forum than the last 47 years…


I am happy for you having returned but please,do not ever feel dumb about anything when it
comes to cartridges,every morning when I open this computer to look at the cartridges and I
read some of the research done I feel like an Idiot and I collect for more than 50 years.Learning
from others is the catch word when it comes to cartridges.Enjoy your newly found hoard.

Thanks a lot Sherryl!

if you have time, visit the SLICS show in April.
That is where the action is


We is all dumb at some point, if lack of knowledge is “dumb”, and some of us do it often Laughing Pound Ground .

Id like to second his motion. Same here😁 i was only hoping to gain lil info on western 1917 casing i found here,but im pleased to say yall have sum great info here an ill b reading regular. Im not stuckup or shy,i kinda jus like to listen an learn,about subjects im mostly ignorant of,
Im sad to say actually that tho im reasonable with operating lead delivery devices i really aint got a clue of technicals or much knowledge of the history. Matter of fact this western 1917 is very 1st ive seen with no caliber marking. Ive discovered a new interest. Thanks ladies and gents yall have a great site.