Thanks for SLICS-2011


While perhaps “off-topic” for those who couldn’t attend, I want to thank everyone associated with putting on another great event this year: Vic and his staff, Lew and other officers and Directors of our Association, the hotel staff, and all of those members who pack, ship, carry, bring the variety of items that we all go to buy, sell and trade–or just lust after! Thanks to each of you, and we are all looking forward to it again next year already!


I agree with you tabor, it was another fabulous show and the IAA members make us new folks so welcome. Renewed some old friendships and made some new ones.

Vic did another fine job and the auction was quite lively but the floor show was a bit much! That’s the only “Tornado Tango” I care to witness, thank you very much!


Amen to the applause for everyone involved with putting on SLICS and those who travel to attend and share our accumulations of goodies with each other.

Anyone who can possibly create an opportunity to attend SLICS should plan to do so, even of only for on day of the event (Thursday is probably the busiest day, Saturday the least, and some great stuff changes hands during the in-room trading sessions prior to the show opening on Wednesday.

Plan ahead for next year April 4-7, 2012


Add my thanks. I already posted my comments on the Tornado - enough said by me on that.

My show impressions:

Hotel and staff - the usual friendly, helpful and efficient service at every contact with anyone from the hotel. Highly cooperative with special requests, including in the Restaurant, where the “tornado experience” had left me “off my feed” and they handled my alterations to their standard meals with grace and efficiency.

Hotel facilities: Always top drawer!

Social aspects of the show: Always good, but for me, really outstanding this year. Old faces back, new faces met, wonderful cartridge talk and great social camaraderie!

Major disappointment for me and some others: Fede and Tomas from Argentina never showed up. Great friends and I had looked forward to seeing both again. I miss you guys if you are reading this.

Cartridge stuff. The last few years at St. Louis, although great shows to be at, were poor for me from a collecting standpoint. Aside from pre-promised stuff that I would have received whether there or not, very little in my field of interest was found. This year was a jump back to the old days. Great assortment of auto pistol stuff, especially 9 mm Para. Did great. Although there were a few items very over-priced in my view, and I passed on them out of principle, by and large the prices were really far more reasonalbe, I though, than those for the last year. From a Spanish friend, I bought a Basque Republic 9 mm Largo I have been looking for for about twenty-five rears, and possibly the last specimen that will be found, since most of those known in recent years have eminated from the same source, and that was reportedly the last one from that source. Very reasonable price in context of the rarity, interest-factor and condition. I acquired about everything I found that I wanted and still brough some bucks home with me. An all-win situation!

Still, all else said and done, the greatest part of the showe is ALWAYS the friendships re-visited and the new friendships made at that show. I cannot over-rate that; it would be nearly impossible to do so. I had a special problem being at the show, which many of my friends knew, and the possiblity I would be late getting home was very serious to me. The offers of rides to other airports and other assistance I received from those who knew were staggering and over-whelming. Several, I am not ashamed to admit, had this sentimental old man in tears. Two dear friends, among the dearest of the whole cartridge world in my view, offered to take me to an airport where I could get flights out that represented a six hundred mile (!!!) out of the way trip for them. I had to decline out of conscience, but what an incredible display of friendship. In the end, things worked out fine and I got home only a day late, with things at home in good order.

Well, again, thanks for bearing with me. I am sure “Show stories” will be legion, and I find all interesting. It IS a VERY SPECIAL EVENT!

Thanks to all who, through their hard work, give us this opportunity.


I thought it was a great show this year. I will certainly be back next year. Thanks to all involved in organising it.


I would also like to thank the organization. Guy’s (and lady’s) you did a hell of a job.

After a drive to Chicago I catch my airplane back home.

BTW, for me it was interesting to find out that the TSA in Chicago had a complete other opinion of packing ammunition as the gentlemen who was on the show on Friday afternoon stationed in Saint Louis.

But, I am looking forward to the next show.


Dutch - in America, it is very hard to get the same answer from two different government employees. None of them ever seem to have the facts about their jobs - only an opinion of the facts as they see them, which is often not at all what the law says.


dutch - Did you lose anything or did you get through in the end?

Perhaps we could have the TSA Rep (can’t remember his name) who was at the show put something in writing that is accesible from the IAA website?


Hi Thank you all for this great show with all my friends …
For me the best show in years a lot of new cartridges for my
And no problems with TSA at the airport…



Could you please tell me what the point of view of both was ?



Thanks to all for another great SLICS. They just get better. Vic, You did a great job on the show. Pepper runs the IAA and it is his team that puts on the Seminars (thanks to Paul Smith for running this again-as well as the award program for the Journal articles and for organizing the judging of exhibits), Thanks to Will Adye-White for all of his work on the IAA auctions and to Steve Fuller for the other silent auctions. Thanks to Chris Punnett for all of his behind the scenes organization and help, and the hours he spends on the IAA table out front. Thanks to all those who provided great exhibits again this year. It is worth the trip to SLICS just to see the exhibits. Thanks to all the attendees who brought great items for the tables. I came home with my share of treasures for the collection.

Finally, thanks to all those who traveled a LONG ways to participate in SLICS. We had multiple attendees from Spain, Holland, Germany, the UK at a minimum and perhaps others I missed.

It is interesting that the IAA participation in SLICS seems to be dominated by our Canadian members with Will, Paul and Chris having large roles in both SLICS and in the IAA in general. Once someone told me that the IAA was misnamed, that we should be US ammunition association. If this was ever true, it clearly isn’t today. I believe the international participation in both the IAA. I think we have about 1130 IAA members and about 270 have non-US addresses. That is almost one in four members!

Now that I am only a spectators to the operation of both the IAA and SLICS, I have a lot more time to have a beer or to sit around and talk cartridges. Vic & Pepper, my personal thanks to you and your teams for making my SLICS a relaxing experience again!




Hey everyone! Just curious if anyone has posted photos of this years SLICS show? GYRO, I always count on you each year to document the show in photos :-) The picture I did see of the PINFIRE DISPLAY was great! One day I am going to make it to the show.



go down a few threads to “more pictures of SLICS”


Will do! I must have missed it somehow. Thanks. Pepper!