THANKS,Thanks, thanks


Thanks Aaron for all the hard work!


Aaron, I just tried my first post on the new Forum, Took my old brain a bit of time to find the right buttons and knobs, but this is a VAST improvement, particularly the images.


Many Thanks.



BRAVO ZULU, Aaron, for a job well done. I think you understand what we want to express with just one word: THANK YOU.



Aaron, I have done a few migrations during my professional life and think I can appreciate how much work it really was to move everything to the new platform.
My congratulations to the successfull completion and a BIG, BIG Thank You for your work.


Thank you very much!
Only if something is missing you recognize what is lost.
Great job!


Aha! Back in business again! Very well done, indeed!


Aaron, also a big thanks from me.
A great job.

Best regards


Just thought I’d add my comment of “thanks for the hard work and improvement to this great site”


John P


Thanks a lot to everybody who participated in this great job!


Great to see the site is back up and running.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this update.


Thanks Aaron, a job well done, nice to see it up and running.



Thanks also from me…was very happy to see the Forum back on Track. Thx to all People, who handled that big Job


Thanks Aaron

well done



Great job!