Thanks gentlemen, Have found the answer.



Looks like a Mk 7 .303 to me, but the steel core, diameter and the base look off.

8.16mm is .321", so it’s not a .303 projectile., slightly too small for a 7.92.

Wiki shows two 8mm service cartridges as having .321" bullets, the 8x50R and the 8x58R. I don’t know if the former was loaded with a spitzer bullet, but the later was loaded with a 196gr spitzer around 1908.

. IMG_9808


Lol, Godun, I had edited that comment several times when I found something new to ad.

I just thought of something, maybe it’s not even military?
The only thing I can think of is the .321" Greener, it held up to three bullets, how deep is the base of the projectile? I don’t know what weights it was loaded with.


Hmmm, the images I can find of the .321 Greener show a bullet that it isn’t as “pointy” as the one you have.


I’d still be on the trail of the 8x58RD, and seeing if the 8x50R Mannlicher was ever loaded with spitzer bullets, which I’m not sure of. Hopefully this leads you in the right direction.