The 1985 Olin SLAP patent, a comprehensible one


The patent filed on 1985 and published in 1989 by Olin Corporation, titled “SABOTED, LIGHT ARMOUR PENETRATOR ROUND WITH IMPROVED POWDER MIX”, is a very interesting document.

It explains the failed Army development of a saboted penetrator projectile for the 7.62 Nato caliber, and how Olin Corp was able to make it work by switching to a very fine grained spheroidal propellant. It is really well written (for a patent) and could make for a post in this specialized forum.

It doesn’t have any drawings, but everybody knows the SLAP round, don’t we? … 1863A&KC=A

For the legal status of the patent, and the patent in other languages, see … 6&tab=main