The 1st submarine of US Navy

What kind of armament/ordnance did it possess?

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You will find a detailed article about USS Holland on Wikipedia.

Wow, 6 people and 3 torpedos!! Difficult to imagine considering its size.

What about the Turtle???

There was also the H.L. Hunley, a submarine designed by
Horace Lawson Hunley and built for the Confederate States of
America Navy in Alabama. During trials, she sank twice. The
second time Hunley himself was aboard, and was killed along with
the rest of the crew. Both times she was brought back up and repaired
for service, sinking the USS Housatonic in late 1864. In that attack,
she was not fully submerged during the attack.

I guess one could say that within the topic of the thread, it doesn’t count
as it was not a U.S. Navy submersible, but rather one of the C.S.A.

John Moss

Much Better source of information:

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