The 2020 St. Louis International Cartridge Show is Canceled

I regret to inform everyone that we have canceled the 2020 St. Louis International Cartridge Show.

We have an act of god, states of emergencies at every level of government, and a local government mandate of no meetings over 250 people. All of this together make it illegal to hold the meeting and impossible to safely do it given our average demographics.

I have been in contact with the hotel and plan on talking to them to see if it makes sense to reschedule it later this year. If not then hopefully everything will be great and back to normal by next year!

I will think through the logistics on applying payments to a rescheduled or future show or other options that may work and will follow up with a future message soon.

Thanks very much for all the support from everyone and we will make sure to continue to keep SLICS strong for years to come!

-Aaron Newcomer


Thank you for letting us know Aaron and I appreciate all the work you have done and continue to do in extremely difficult, uncertain and ever-changing circumstances.

You have made the right call and I think this decision will take away a lot of stress for others, who were torn between attending or not.

Thanks Aaron, for making this tough decision and in a timely manner! See you whenever you reschedule…

Tough, but the decision was made for you by St. Louis and other authorities. Certainly not your fault in any way.

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Thank you for all your hard work!

I’m certain this has been nerve wracking and stressful experience for you.


Obviously many of us had expressed concern over Aaron “business impact” and I hope he can update us on any significant financial repercussions in due time.

I am actually somewhat relieved that so many of our “blocked” foreign travelers do not have to feel the disappointment of missing the show alone…now we can all share it !

In reality; a mere in convenience as compared to the world wide events taking place.

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A difficult, but correct, decision, and made in a timely manner. Thank you.

We will trust your judgement as to rescheduling, or just waiting for 2021. (Latter wold be my preference).

Please share any financial impact on you personally for all this turmoil, and I am sure people will gladly help share the cost of keeping SLICS strong for the future.

As with all the above, thanks for a timely decision and quickly getting it out to us. Either later or next year, whatever is best. Hopefully this, well this, passes soon.

Aaron, let us ALL know if we can be of any assistance to you and yours in what has to be a big hit financially.

To all those I won’t be seeing, especially our foreign friends, we all wise you our best, send our prayers, and, again, hope this passes quickly. Cheers, Bruce.

Aaron, your handling of this was very Impressive!!!

Well Done,

Merci for thé job Aaron. Too bad for all of us! A photo for you

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I’m leaving my table fees paid regardless, to help with the sting of show loss. It’s a cosinderation when possible, for those who have paid.

Of course. I’m in

count me in.

I will third or fourth that.

I love my vacation time at this show !
Sept or Oct would seem to be the best period to schedule a re-show,
if not by then, might as well wait until next year.

Good idea Matt. I’m in as well plus my banquet ticket.


I just got the cancellation from the hotel, without having to call anyone or do anything. I appreciate that.

Aaron, I’m in to help out with any fees as well.