The .22 Box Identification Guide Website Closed

Anyone know what happened to this website? Has been closed a few days ago.

It is a pity, because it was a wonderful resource constantly updated with new information.

That is disappointing. Wonder what the issue is.
The Internet Archive aka Wayback Machine has some snapshots of the site:*/

Far more than disappointing to me. I’m a student of .22 rimfire target cartridges.

That is info which would be worth posting permanently on the IAA reference material site (with owner’s permission, of course).

In a message I received from Roger he noted that the expense and time involved led to him closing the site & project. At one point he suggested there might be a DVD with all the PDFs available. Not sure if that will come down, or not.
A great work and priceless reference - wish there were a way for it to continue. As JohnS suggests, it would be a fine addition to IAA reference library. But, too, I hope Roger will be able to offer a DVD - and I will gladly pay for one!

Yes he said the same to me. I offered to publish the guide on my website just as it is, but he was hesitant as it is his work and giving to someone else is tough. I fully get that. I advised I would leave it 100% as his and if he changed his mind to let me know. Or if he planned on doing a published PDF or DVD I would offer sales links as well. We shall see. Roger did great work that’s for sure.

I have huge amount of unused server space and would be more than happy to give him space at no cost and cover the annual URL fees if he wanted to move it over. Would agree to not alter or make sure he is credited for all his work to date then new information as added credit go to person submittimg. He could have access and modify if mood struck or just leave as is as am in process of archiving several sites from motorcycles to mountain climbing others have decided to abandon and have acquired over 24 URL’s with plans of spending my retirement years when water is bad or short days of winter building a series of sites archiving information that is currently only in self published books that writers have passed and given me permission to migrate to the web plus build several sites with the lifetime of data I have acquired. My estate will pay the fees to keep it all going for at least a decade and give users opportunity to donate to keep all the sites living past the decade mark.