The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution

I am a bit fearful of sounding corny but…I bought this $5 heavy pewter decorative wall plate at Allentown being in a pre-holiday festive mood. Without this plate we wouldn’t have this forum, we’d be a part of EU talking about Brexit. Happy holidays to everyone!!!


Vlad - thanks for posting. That is a beautiful plate. The Second Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights, which were considered so necessary to the body of the Constitution as to be beyond the power of Government, at any level, to legislate at all, is so well written and so succinct that it needs no interpretation, even by “learned” judges of the Supreme Court. Lest anyone has doubts of its meaning, couched in plain English for all to understand, they need only read the volumes of writings on it by the Founding Fathers in correspondence passed between them prior to the adoption of the Bill of Rights.

John Moss


Very Nice and I will gladly defend it.

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