The 45+75 RCMP

A small selection of the 45+75

Do those in the display have the Canadian dated headstamps?

Yes they do they have the 1899 and 00(1900) stamps

Great finds!

The 99 date is fairly scarce and the 00 date much more common. The DCCo catalogue No 15 (1915) shows the 45-75 case with the 00 hs. IMHO DCCo used the 00 hs bunter for commercial ammo in lieu of producing a new bunter for a low volume ctg.

Orange, you may be correct in your humble opinion as I have a board dummy with the ‘0 0’ date, plus a ball loading. (why make a board for a contract loading?)
Couple of headstamp variations of the 99 date.

Nice specimen I have a D.C.Co 45-75 ball load in the small print and a Blank
in 00 (1900) Also the U.S.C.C.O they are I think scarce the one I have has
the typical rounded out bottom of that firm but no stamp.

The only USCCo I have that I’m sure of has the red-copper case and is Ferrington primed. No US headstamped variations here.

You say you have a blank, can we please see a side view of it? If it’s the lower left in your display, what sort of mouth closure does it have?

Yes the description fits Its the same I have and it is Farrington primed
There is another reason I am pretty sure off that cartridge came from
the late John Belton will try some pics later in the day I think it is
some type of cork wad closer regarding that blank.

Here are some of the pics the no stamp one is the U.S.C.C.O


Neat the 99 on yours is as nicely applied as the 00’s are.

Interesting blank & a new one to me.

Three more to look for.