The Ammo panic of 2020

It’s like 2011 all over again with local and online ammo retailers and distributors. Seeing all of the same things happening, except they are happening faster this time since many more online buyers are using Ammoseek, and have text-alerts for stock status. Main problem is that many, MANY people are over-buying to either stock up for what they feel will be a shortage, or for what they feel will be price increases. Ironically, they are all doing this to themselves, but each individual thinks & buys with only their own needs in mind, hence it’s the same nonsense as the toilet-paper shortage. I am seeing MidwayUSA, TargetsportsUSA, Outdoorlimited, Graf & Sons, and now finally Sports South running out of anything worth shooting. SGammo had to shut down due to being so overwhelmed. Will be a few weeks for them to get anywhere near normal, and a few months to get most of their inventories back. Basically as long as this virus things takes, however long that is. The gray-market on Gunbroker is thriving again, despite their horrible search engine, and Bass Pro / Cabela’s has a HUGE order going with PPU, or Fiocchi, or whomever is doing their Herter’s ammo since they were taking infinite-inventory pre-orders at reasonable prices for 9mm and .223

Meanwhile, at my store - Downeast Ammo, I wont get into numbers, but let’s just say that in the past two weeks I have done as much business as I had done in the previous 12 weeks combined. And these are all local buyers - Bangor area, I have no online sales yet.

I hope you’ll be able to restock!

Its pretty crazy. After being in a fantastic buyer’s market for YEARS… I didn’t figure ammo would triple in price in a couple days.

I’ve watched the ammo market for years & can’t recall an escilation this quick.

I actually sold a DEALER some izzy 5.56 the other day. Stuff I just had in the trunk of my car, bonus of being a country boy & keeping things on hand I suppose.

The next few weeks should be quite interesting.


Waiting for Hornady to release a Corona Virus range of ammo…

A HP filled with desinfection liquid covered by a tiny mask shaped plug and the bullet patched with toilet paper?


I like it. I’ll write up a sales pitch and send it to them…

Mandatory overtime at Federal Cartridge

It’s because this time around people are so Ammoseek oriented via their smartphones, and lots of people do text-alerts for stock updates, so things disappear quickly as anyone with money pays almost anything, and from anywhere / anytime. Should mean that a bunch of people have over-supply for a while, and the market should come back in 2 or 3 months. I think.

New York started releasing prison inmates. And this idea will be highly contagious. So watch your local news for similar stuff. This explains gun and ammo spree we are witnessing.

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In many states/cities they are now:

  1. Releasing inmates,
  2. Not making arrests,
  3. Banning gun and ammo sales.
    That all makes lots of sense.

Yes last 2 weeks way above average, on shooting and single cartridge a sales.
Panic sells and staying home ads to collector sales.
Lets hope is all claims down in a few weeks.
Next week will be our first true idea of how bad it will be, the major cities like New,York will be in complete lock down, hopefully it will help.
God bless us all, Stay home and Stay safe.

Interestingly, in the states of Nevada, Illinois, and now Connecticut, they are specifically exempting gun & ammo sellers from mandatory closures. I presume the idea is that with their new policing / incarceration policies, that people need to have the option for self-defense. If Maine goes dark (not likely), then I presume they will allow the same exemption.

Well, jeepers, I must be doin’ something wrong…

I buy up as much as I can afford when the prices are low, and there is no “panic” to worry about, and now I have enough ammo to outlast Ragnarok!


Ha AmmoOne! I was one of those “bored at home cartridge collector with no future shows on the horizon seeking comfort in buying cartridges on line” guys! I’m currently waiting for the 40 different cartridges I ordered from you (should get here Friday!). Oh, and I haven’t told the wife yet… but I figure in this day an age life is uncertain so might as well live on the edge!!!

Joel, Thank you for the order. Stay Safe at home.,
I noticed my wife seem to be increasing the 6 foot rule daily :-)

Heck, my wife did it to 40 miles :-p. And that was a year before all this started ;-).

Here is a taste of the nonsense that panics like this create on Gunbroker - the #1 reselling spot of overpriced ammo for foolish buyers with too much money, and no sense to wait a few months for things to normalize. Many people are selling 9mm for absurd prices, since it is hard to find. New gun owners get excited over things like G2 RIP ammo, since they know nothing about it, and buckshot is like a precious metal with bidders lately.

I thought that 500rds of old Portuguese ammo for $250 was absurd, but then I saw that one seller has sold some of his garbage Sumbro ammo at $35 per 50!

Plus shipping!
I guess the PH in the name is for Panic & Hype!

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