The Belgian Arms Co


Who can tell me anything about the The Belgian Arms Co.?

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I once had an inexpensive export side x side shotgun marked “The Belgian Arms Co.” I never found out anything about the company or the actual maker.


Now I know they also made Guns.
Need to find out some more.

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I have had a troll through my cartridges (in the odds) and I have no examples of that cartridge head stamp. I am certain I have seen guns by them too, very basic boxlock non-ejectors.

Not much Rene, sorry but I can confirm the guns.



On the shotguns, the company name is “The Belgian Arms Cie”

On this company i did found this info


Commonly, in many countries where Gunmakers were congregated in small towns, and were also “specialized” in making certain parts of Guns, such as Barrel-makers, Locksmiths, Breecher-up men, Stock carvers, etc, there existed (to use the French term,) “Syndacats” or in English, “Joint Ventures” where by the several venturers registered a “company” ( more like a Partnership in organization).

In Germany, one such venture was Spangenberg and Schilling (to make M71 Carbines), the various “Fabriques re-unis” of Liege, The Groups working for BSA and other English Gunmakers in Birmingham, and the Ventures of Brescia/Gardone VT smiths in Italy.

The Most Famous “Syndacat” was that formed in 1889, the Fabrique Nationale des Armes de Guerre, Herstal-Le-Liege ( which had almost all the Major gunmakers of Liege in its venture.) to make M1889 Rifles and ammunition for the Belgian Gov’t.
Due to Court Cases involving Patent Licensing and Cartel agreements, by 1896, nearly all the original Venturers of Liege had withdrawn, leaving Ludwig Loewe ( also a “Venturer”) to absorb the remaining Partners, and consolidate FN as a Company (Corporation) owned by the Newly formed “DWM” of Berlin ( January 1897).

Thus the “Belgian Arms Co” was a Venture directed towards the Anglo Market (Britain, US/Canada, Australian colonies, etc). Who the Venture members were, will be found in the Commercial Archives of the City of Liege. ( if not destroyed by Two Wars>>>). Even the Shotshells would have been made by one of the Major makers (FN, or Cartoucherie Russo-Belge, etc). The Purple colour of the paper case looks very much like an FN “Legia” shotshell.

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What is written on the tube ? I can’t read it



[quote=“jeanpierre”]What is written on the tube ? I can’t read it


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It is something like Rayf……
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