The Bible on the 20x138B Rheinmetall cartridge is out

Finally after many years of research J.-B. Anderhub got his book on the 20x138B Rheinmetall cartridge (and weapons) done. The book includes all foreign production and lots of peripheral material. This is now “the milestone” on the subject.
The “book” is actually 2 volumes as it was too large to be printed as one single item. It has 906 pages (both volumes together) and contains hundreds of photos and documents. It is well researched and only info is given which had been extracted from primary sources and real specimen. The book comes with an additional CD which contains lots of material which could not be included into the hardcopy as it would have required a 3rd volume.
The book contains tremendous amounts of unpublished info and images.

The book set can be ordered from Josef Mötz (the editor of the German ECRA bulletin) at a price of 132,- Euro + shipping (to Germany it is 12,- Euro).
Order at:

The first printed lot is not very big and will be available at the German ECRA show in early May. So all who go there and want to save shipping costs please pre order the book to receive it at the show.

Alex, this is great news! Please, send my congratulations to Burkhard.

Fede, I definately will!

Is there an English language translation available?


There is only the German version.

I just got the info that there was a second lot of 100 units printed (1st was also 100 and sold out very soon) and is available now.
Be aware that by now it is not being planned on to make a 3rd lot. So do not hesitate to order your copy if you are thinking about.