The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers by Bill Harding

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On e bay co UK a seller has listed some copies of this book at just £15 including UK postage. Item 310343679031

I’ve bought one of these and the copy I received is as he described with the dust cover slightly scuffed but internally like new. The postage was nearly a fiver, so he is in effect selling them at little more than £10 each.

I’m not connected with the seller but thought someone in the UK might like to grab what I think is a bargain while he still has copies available.

I looked it up in the net and found this: … 1846890642

Book: The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers
Author: Bill Harding
ISBN: 1846890640
ISBN-13: 9781846890642, 978-1846890642
Binding: Hardcover
Publishing Date: 2009
Number of Pages: 288 pages
Language: English

An in-depth review of the former munitions companies in Birmingham and a fascinating insight into the social history of its workforce. The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers covers both shotgun cartridge and metallic cartridge production across a huge range of products giving examples of their related patents and headstamps. It is profusely illustrated with cartridge photographs together with those of the staff and their former workplaces. The author traces the rise and fall of these companies as they sought to match the demands of the day, often fuelled by both home and overseas wars and their diversification into other areas of production. The many companies covered by the book include BSA, Westley Richards, Kynoch, WW Greener and The Midland Gun Company, whose former ammunition production is now all but forgotten.

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If anyone wants it I will buy it for them if owner doesn’t want to mail it abroad.

Hi Vince, I just sent him an email… see if he will mail it to Canada. If not I may have to take you up on the offer.


I don’t get this one, I checked the internet on this book and the price of the book goes from $47.25 to $75.00.
Amazon says it has not been released yet even tho they list it for sale and yet it was published in 2009.
Like I said I don’t get it.

Vince - at 15 Pounds, I would be interested in one of these copies - of course that would be plus whatever it takes to get it to me in America. If you can handle this, let me know. If not, no problem. I will never get all the books that are now in publication, for my library. Just too many of them.

John I think I have just cleaned out that particular seller out. I got the last one for Craig in Canada.
As Steve says, numerous sellers but big variations in price.

Vince - No worry mate. I just got my financial statement for the month, and in our Obama Democrat/Marxist economy, I probably shouldn’t buy anything for awhile anyway. Its 2008 all over again.

The seller has listed one more copy if anyone is interested. It’s item 110757790770

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I have two copies of the book ready to be sent off in the morning. It seems like a good book. Who is the author? does anyone know him? it looks to me like a lot of work has gone into it producing it. Is he one of us?

Jim Harding is the Curator of the Birmingham Proof House Museum.

It is a good book , although it has a number of significany errors. However, that does not detract from its worth, as in any endeavor of this type it is very difficult to get everything 100% correct.