The birth of the "american cartridge"


The S&W #1 revolver and #1 cartridge set off the age of rimfire handguns in the US (and the world) and made the rimfire the “AMERICAN CARTRIDGE”.

The first #1 cartridges were based upon draws made by CRITTENDEN AND TIBBALS, SOUTH COVENTRY CT. which were headed and loaded by S&W. CTM also loaded RF ammunition for S&W and most if not all of the early makers.


Really intresting history! Love learning stuff like that. Are all rim fires 22 or are their other calibers?


Rim Fires are a class by themselves. There are hundreds of calibers. Check the ones just posted by Jean-Pierre. The one inch Gatling rim fire may top the caliber list. “SOME RF”



Rimfires come in all flavors. Calibers range from a tiny 2mm up to a 1 inch Gatling rimfire (quite rare). There are shot cartridges, blanks, tear gas, purfume cartridges, explosive bullets, tool gun cartridges and many other variations not to mention headstamps.



Right ! I just sold a .22rf collection of 1200 different and that was not a BIG collection.


Too cool! I had no clue their were so manny. Really interesting. Just currious, did you say, “Purfume Cartidges”? Is this a bullet that dispenses a fragrence?


There are no rimfire DS tank rounds.


Haha! Too funny. I’d love to a 120MM APFSDS rimfire :-) That would really add to its extreme vulnerability.



Yes perfume cartridges dispensed a fragrence. They look like 6mm Folbert blanks. The ones in my clloection have a raised acorn headstamp (Dynammit Nobel). I have 6 different fragrences. I have NO CLUE what they were used for or when they were made.


As it was explained to me: these were designed to freshen up the room after firing Saloon pistols. Indoor ammo shooting is a very stinky business. Touch off some black powder in your living room and see.

Better use might be force denaturing folks who don’t bathe regularly.