The C.I.P. symbol change

Can anyone pin down the year of changes for the CIP symbol on cartridge boxes? Mid-70’s to ? was the crown on a circle. Then on a (about) 2001 box I see the crown floating above a C hugging the I and P (on boxes from CCI U.S.A. and Winchester, Australia). Around 2010 the newest symbol - C I P in a hex shape. Trying to add more detail to my collection records and got side-tracked by this. Internet searches have become almost worthless if you want real information.
Also, the B L E in shield showed up at some time - any ideas?

The different symbols you describe identify the different proof houses that did the ammunition testing according to the CIP rules. An ammunition maker can in principle select the CIP member country where the ammunition is tested, typically where the main importer is located. The acceptance then is valid in all CIP countries.

The ammunition testing was made mandatory around 1982.

The BLE shield identifies the Belgian proof house at Liege/Luik, but it is used on firearms, not ammunition boxes.

Correction: since about 2013, the letters CIP above a letter M are used in combination with the CIP symbol for the proof house. This replaces the former special symbols for ammunition.

Thanks for the info - I’ve put it in my research. Do you know of where a person might correlate symbol to proof country? Also, it seems it is only the newest boxes that have the BLE shield (Australian boxes in my case). Must be very new, then.

A photo of a newer Australian Winchester box with the BLE symbol. Is this the same as the proof mark?

It isn’t BLE, by the way. It is BEL, abbreviation of Banque d’Epreuve Liège which means Proofhouse Liège. (Not Belgium, of course!) Take a look at the website. In Dutch & French.
And of course the site of the CIP with old and new proofmarks and a lot of information about ammunition.

Thanks, this helps clear up some confusion. Was hoping it might be a key to dating or era - oh well :)