The cartridges that I desperately want

The cartridges that I desperately want are:
An original .70-150 Winchester
A .345 Machine Rifle
A .267 Remington Rimfire
An all paper shotgun shell
A 16-gauge shell made from .50 BMG brass (I read about it somewhere, but I forgot now)
A 13.2mm TuF
A 13.5x57 Lenoir Horizontal Pinfire (Ever heard of it Aaron?)
A 2.7mm Kolibri
A .950 JDJ
A .45 Remington-Thompson
What do you want?

I’ve been fortunate to recently acquire a couple from my “desperately want” list: a 7.62mm NATO DUDS and an .18 NATO. A few from that list that I’m still waiting to find:

  1. 6x49mm SAW Tracer (the long aluminum case version of the 6mm SAW)
  2. 30x173mm GAU-8 PGU-13/B HEI factory inert cartridge (with lot numbers that match the factory inert PGU-15/B TP and PGU-13/B API already in my collection)
  3. Any of the 15mm Belgian HMG experimentals

#2 would also be on my “the ones that got away” list - that could be an interesting discussion as well!

ammocollectorME you need to hit up a cartridge show where you could get almost all of these except for the 13.5x57 Lenoir Horizontal Pinfire. That you would have to mortgage your house first for and special order! =)

I have been really wanting a pinfire cartridge with an explosive bullet. And there is a very good chance I am trading something for one at SLICS!

Just some cartridges that Santa Claus failed to leave for me:

.54 Billinghurst Requa
1" inside primed Gatling
And any hughes lockless cartridge variation

…There are Just too many others to list…

Aaron, what company manufactured those explosive pinfire cartridges? And what caliber would they be in?

A 1" inside primed Gatling
A .54 Burnside
A .246 Purdey
A 4 gauge proof
A 15 gauge shell
Any of the Collath shells
Any scaled up or scaled down cartridges
A 12/14 gauge greener
A 14-gauge aluminum Winchester prototype
A 11 gauge shell
A 13 gauge shell

I know you guys go to cartridge shows, but I’m actually only 13. I run on a budget of about $20 a month for cartridges.

my “wanted” list is short:

30x173 PGU14 round (the real thing ,not replica ,i had 7.62x51 and 20x102 DU rounds ,missing the 25x137 and the 30x173 ,i don’t collect large rounds even if they are beautifull)

950 JDJ with no “turned” case
22 scamp
6x35 TCSW
700 AHR
700 nitro rimless
"proof serie" of military calibers with copper washed cases (4.6x30 ,5.7x28 ,5.56x45 …)
some medium calibers rounds

Do you have a Lenoir pinfire, Aaron?

Here’s the 12mm Pertuiset Explosive pinfire. Not sure if this is the one that Aaron means because I suspect he has 15 variations already !! The copper explosive container is just visible through the spun-over lead round nose. The headstamp is a small "GJ’ indicating the case was made by Gevelot. I do not know if Gevelot loaded them or if Pertuiset just used Gevelot cases, Aaron would probably know more.

Certainly on the .450 with the Pertuiset bullet (a much longer bullet with “Pertuiset” stamped along its side) he used Eley Boxer cases with the iron base disk. He marketed these as humane animal killers.

I know you guys go to cartridge shows, but I’m actually only 13. I run on a budget of about $20 a month for cartridges.[/quote]

Good to see another younger collector. I started at around the same age as you back in the early 2000s.

I wish I could trade for Chris’s. But he’s being stubborn about it! ha! Some day I’ll find the Pertuiset .450 and just stick it in my cartridge drawers for a few years I think!

Here is another picture of that same variation:

Chris’ and this one both came from this box:

The one I am hopefully getting is a different variation than that and with no headstamp. It is also made using Pertuiset’s system and may also made by Gevelot, not sure. There is also an SFM box known.

There is also a couple 15mm variations and another 12mm version from this that was pictured long ago in IAA journal 317 p27. I had the pleasure of holding these this past year!

As for the 13.5x57 Lenoir Horizontal Pinfire, wherever you saw that term (either on my website or in the last IAA journal) is my cartridge; so yes I do have one!. I doubt there is another one in the US.

I know you guys go to cartridge shows, but I’m actually only 13. I run on a budget of about $20 a month for cartridges.[/quote]


Great thread!

Cartridges that I want; after a number of years collecting the list doesn’t get shorter, it only gets longer which is fine with me.

Man how I can relate to your situation, young collector with a small budget. I’ve been there and done that. I’m a lot older now and still on a budget.

Keep plugging away, ask questions (as you are well aware by now there is a great pool of knowledge represented here on the Forum), read & learn.

Remember also that rare (a word that is so often misused), scarce, exotic rounds are great to collect but many of the more common to common rounds are just as fun/interesting to collect for the story behind the cartridge and usually make a better fit for a limited spending budget.


Bingo, Brian-
I collect military ammo for its general connection to historical events. Every military cartridge (or at least caliber) has a unique and interesting story, and a tie to something larger than itself.

Chris & Aaron,

Thank you VERY MUCH for the great documentation and photographs!

I personally learn something new on the IAA Forum every week! Exquisite information!

Best Regards,

here is a 30-06 headstamp that I would love to have


René, dreaming costs nothing! This is the picture from the 1942 technical manual, isn’t it?


How many of those do you want? I had a full carton but I shot most of them at tin cans and rocks when my grand-kids came to visit last summer. ;-)

Do you still have the photo of the carton that you posted a while back, a photo that sent me to the Emergency Room with a heart attack, by the way.

I still buy any carton of Cal .30 M2 with a 1941 or early 1942 lot number, just hoping to hit the lottery. But, I have a feeling that those cartridges probably ended up in the Pacific theater or in the Aleutians, and are now unrecognizable.


I forgot the .58 Schubarth egg

Fede, yes it is from the TM 9-1990 dated may 23,1942

and this is the box Ray was talking about.

Lawks … dream cartridges, you’ll see I’ve got simple tastes !

A pre-T65 dummy made using a 300 Savage case … any headstamp will do.
A T70 dummy made using a T65 case with an M2 bullet
A T70E5 dummy made using a 68g core-less bullet
A 7,62x51 balance test dummy

A US 30-06 (whoops) dummy with ‘Inert’ stamped on the side of the case.

But then dummies are only peripheral to my clip collection so I’ll throw in a German M’98 7,92 clip made from aluminium or one of the one-piece M’04 7,92 clips made without the reinforcing rib along the centre …

… and any of the post-1945 French trials clips for the 7,5x54 cartridge,

There are legions of other clips, but I won’t bore you with 'em.