The Chinese


This I would call a proper sized military museum:

I can’t wait to see the photos from there.

Too bad noone in the west has the ba…s to build such a museum nowadays. Even worse the Germans cut thier exhibitions back and put upfront the personal war tragedies instead and remove equipment from the displays. And if this is not enough they cut a 200 year old armory in the centre in Dresden into pieces and insert gigantic glass triangles to take away the military appearance. This costs then a 55 million Euro. What a sick world.


Wow! That looks like a nice museum those folks are building. Perhaps now I can feel better about the money I’ve spent at Walmart and Harbor Freight…



I wonder if their gift shop will sell the 5.8x21 & 5.8x42 keychains that we covet so much here?


Why there? I got mine from Russia.