The clips of .30-40 Krag

Whether there were clips for .30-40 cartridges? Somebody can show the photo?

If you’ll do a google search for the words PARKHURST KRAG and then search for “images” you’ll have pictures of the rifle with its clip guides, the cartridges, and the special Parkhurst clip. It’s similar to the usual Mauser clip. Jack

Thanks! Found two options of clips

Not an easy clip to find, they were never made in any great quantity. … ge&f=false … ge&f=false

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Edited once; forgot something

There were also experimantal clips made by Winchester for the Model 1895 rifle…


[quote=“30army”]There were also experimental clips made by Winchester for the Model 1895 rifle…


Here’s one of the experimental designs, most seem to have been patented under the name TC Johnson and a search of Google patents should turn 'em up. … 70&f=false

Happy collecting, Peter Mackinven

This is the one for the Winchester Model 1895:

And the design mentioned by Peter: