The End of the World

Gun show this morning was like the end of the world with prices to match. I couldn’t stand fighting the crowds any longer, so I left after about an hour and a half. Seemed that prices were outlandish on pretty much everything, even obvious junk guns. Can you imagine $80/brick for .22 LR? Believe it. I think this is the first time I have ever departed a gun show without spending a penny, except for the $5 admission. The most egregious ammunition price was that some guy was selling 50 round boxes of NEW .22 Short HV for $10 each. The worst part is that I have this feeling it is going to get worse.

Well, the end of the world hasn’t happened in the northeast Florida area, yet. I just got home from the big Jacksonville show where I sometimes find some interesting cartridges and boxes. Three weeks ago, or so, Colt 6920 LEO M4 5.56 “assault rifles” were selling at $4,800 in a major shop here. A week ago, I priced one in another shop at $3,300 but the manager said he’d take $3,000. At today’s gun show, the price was $2,200 and several new-in-the-box rifles went begging at that price. The old MSRP was $1,250.

Same sort of deal on ammo. A few weeks back there was “no” 5.56/.223 to be had around here at any price. Zero, zip, nada. There was a 3-hour waiting line to get into another big gun show in town. Then, about a week or 10 days ago, 5.56/.223 strarted to show up at about $1 per round, most of it 55 grain. At today’s (Saturday 2 Feb) show, there was more 5.56/.223 ammo available than you could haul away in a truck. Most of it was the the 55-grain-bullet stuff, but there was a lot of the M855 type with heavier bullets. It seemed that most manufacturers were represented, including the Russian Wolf and Tula. Lots of Lake City and Federal. Pistol ammo seemed just a bit higher than normal; a 50-round box of CCI Blazer brass case .40 S&W FMJ was $22.00, tax included.

My impression is that in this part of the country at least, things are calming down. The initial panic surge is over here, and as more inventory of both the evil black rifles and its ammunition is being received, the old laws of supply and demand are back. Not completely by a long shot, but on the way back to normal, whatever normal was.

I live in such a one-horse, hick town that the panic was over before any of us knew there was one. It may resurface as more and more anti-gun, anti-ammunition legislation is introduced. We’ll be ready for it this time. ;-)


The 5.56mm FMJ military-type ammunition this morning was available in some quantity, but still running upwards of $1/round. Russian 7.62X39mm FMJ was in the range of .50-.70/round. Those prices have not increased so much over prices seen at last month’s gun show, so maybe there is some stability and sanity happening here in the ammunition free market. But not for .22 RF ammunition. At last month’s show, .22 LR could be had (when seen) for $35/brick. Not so today - more like double that. But I did see one brick (actually a 550 round Winchester bulk pack) sell to one guy for $50.

Panic? Come to Europe… Friday’s price on a match quality SK Pistol Match 500 pcs brick was 610 DKK. That’s 111 USD…
I go through 150 of these on a weeks’ 15 meter and 25 meter training. 250 this week because of two matches.