The famous 45

A few selected 45


Best shadowbox I have seen. Did you make it? Or buy it in Canada?

I see in another post the answer to my questions. Could be a nice little side business to make these, perhaps.

No I made these myself but I tell you it is very tricky and I trough a lot of
stuff into the garbage before I got that half way right the problem is the
different size and shape of the cartridges,this one and the Spencers are
easy they are the same size I have a board were all is different I can posted
if you want

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Always worth a post. If/when I settle down to a particular caliber I’ll have to revisit this post and hit you up for pointers to make my own.

Here are some boards for you to look at
I am not sure about the pics this time


Those are really nice boxes, I really like it. Very well done.

Thanks for your compliment I did not make the very big board that was at one time a spoon
cabinet but I made the others I just have a problem hiding my cartridges in drawers.However
I have plenty of stuff still in drawers.

Excellent displays !!

A friend of mine made me a rack to display pistols - I asked him, how much to make me like 5 of them, and he said, well, these take a lot of time, they’d be $200+ each. I was like, uh… Simply because of all the labor / time involved :)

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Congratulation 200 buck I think you you got you money worth
I do hope and wish that you are able to hang on to these
prime specimen in the future from the bottem of my heart
I wish you the best.