The feared German 88

Also at Wright Patt.

Thanx for the photos! The last one pleased me the most!


They should’ve placed a shell in the fuze setters -if only a dummy- and put a sign explaning the process, not many realize today that the fuze was ‘programmed’ before the shot.

Starting maybe with showing a round with a time fuze on instead an impact fuze like the one they nailed onto the gun.

Like this one.-:)

Yes, but the initial design, the Zt.Z. S/30, was the one by Thiel in Ruhla (designed by Paul Liebergeld). This model was the major type used (and the dsign is still in use today by some armies - Russia for example).
The centrifugally driven type Zt.Z. S/30 Fg. (your’s here) by Junghans was used less because it got adopted much later.

Nice fatcory display you have there.

Nice fuse!


To my limited knowledge the Hungarians had no 88mm gun. They used this 32M fuze on their 80mm 29M AA gun which was a Bofors design.

Here it is: … riage.html