The Finnish subsonic


On site it is possible to find a photo of disassembled Finnish 7.62х39 subsonic cartridge.
For me the bullet from this cartridge reminds a D-47 heavy bullet of Finnish 7.62х54R cartridge from WWII. I think that have simply mounted a bullet more deeply. In a photo it is visible a trace from a case neck. Only I so think?


Yes, I think you are right. It looks like it was crimped to be the length of a normal 7.62x39 round.


I too think that they tried to observe original length of a cartridge. Therefore bullet fixture non-standard.


To me the bullet seems to be based on Lapua’s D46 design, kind of like the “Subsonic” further down on this site:


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There is Lapua Subsonic with 13g B417 bullet and SAKO Subsonic with 11,8g bullet. Lapua is marked only blue case head and SAKO is marked with blue bullet tip.