The First Cartridge; A History of Jean Samuel Pauly and His Inventions

Picked up a Pauly cartridge and put together a good post about him if anyone wants to see it. It has all of Pauly’s French and British patents pictured and detailed out here too.


SUPEROXYDE DE POTASSIUM is actually KClO4, aka Potassium Chlorate, NOT Potassium Chloride (KCl).

Good article.
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so is muriate of potash, potassium chloride, but if it is superoxygenated then it becomes a chlorate?

Also, that is KClO3 then, right?

Potassium Chlorate is KClO4
Potassium hypochlorite is KClO3
It all depends on the varying Valency values of Chlorine with Oxygen…too far back (50 years) High School Chemistry to go into detail.
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So am I missing something in that link then? Because that branch of the National Institute of Health says that KCIO4 is Potasium Percholate:

While KCIO3 is Potassium Chlorate:

Ultimately I guess it doesn’t really matter though. I’ll just keep using “muriate of potash” as it was called back then.

I really messed up there ( old timer’s disease).
Should have checked my Chemistry of explosives book.
By the way, Muriatic acid is Hydrogen Chloride HCl.
Muriate would be such as KCl potassium chloride.
All the other oxides of Muriate have their own names, (
HypoChlorite, Chlorate and PerChlorate etc.

Doc AV.

Many Thanks For Another Great Article Aaron

An old converstion but I think worthwhile tagging this information on to.

Georg Priestel has completed a work on “Jean Samuel Pauly, Henri Roux, and Successors - their inventions from 1812 to 1882 - New Light on the Forerunners of Modern Fire Arms Ammunition.”

A short print run would have been prohibitively expensive for him so he was seeking means of sharing his study as a free pdf document. I offered to host it on my web site for him, to which he agreed (free download - no registration - no advertising).

From his introduction, this 74 page work ‘should serve to explain the historical background and events of ammunition development with its inventors J. S. Pauly and Henri Roux, and to put these inventors in a better light than it had previously been. The author rewrites the early development of the Pauly and Roux cartridges. This composition of many individual pieces of a puzzle gives a picture of how the story went from the beginning to the modern central fire cartridge.’

The free pdf download can be accessed via Research Press publications.



He actually asked me to add it to the IAA document resource center which we will be doing soon, so I may want to check if he also wants it shared elsewhere on that.

Aaron, I was copied an email last weekend in which he was seeking names/email address of possible interested parties. I emailed and said I could host if for him if he wished for help with distribution. I’ll watch out for when it is added to the IAA resource centre and happily add a link in from my site to yours as the primary reference for Ammunition (whilst covered on mine it’s not the primary subject).



Thanks for posting this notice and for hosting Georg Priestel’s “ebook”.


I’ve updated the download page for Georg’s book with a note directing students of ammunition to IAA. Also done the same from my Research Press facebook page.

Kind regards,


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David, welcome to you and Research Press, and thanks for the article! I look forward to reading it.

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