The full Hornady Z-Max video, with zombies

This is the full zombie video

Wow. So it’s basically Critical Defense bullets with Chartreuse colored tips instead of red?

But I have to hand it to them - they will probably sell untold quantities of this ammo and it will probably garner unusually high media coverage from all the gun mags, blogs, and even popular press. Only problem I see is unwanted attention from the anti-gun types, but I’m guessing Hornady will hold fast and not withdraw it a-la Black Talon.

The timing is definitely meant to coincide with the season opener of the AMC series “Walking Dead” which is a zombie show.

Here is the best resolution images for the product flier and image showing bullet tips that I can find. The listings at MidwayUSA do use the “Flex Tip” terminology, so it is basically recolored Critical Defense / LEVERevolution:

This might be one of the most commercially successful simple re-brandings of an existing ammo item ever (except for Win. SXT). Remington tried to do it with their Golden Saber by calling it “Ultimate Home Defense” and Federal tried it by calling their EFMJ “Guard Dog” and changing the gray filler to blue. Most recently Magtech is trying it by calling their “First Defense” ammo line the “First Defense - Justice” and by just tinning the bullet and changing the label. All have fallen relatively flat. But this… this will get all the mall ninjas heads’ spinning. And I like it strictly for a collector cartridge as well.

I’m sorry, but I worked most of my adult life in the firearms/ammunition industry, retail sales. I don’t care if this stuff sells like hot cakes - Hornady should be ashamed of themselves, if for nothing else, that video.

The warning at the end is not much of a sales pitch. Since it says this ammo should NEVER be shot at anything but Zombies, and since Zombies don’t exist, they are admitting to the world that their product is of no use what-so-ever. Talk about ammo made just for collectors.

Will I be a hypocrite and buy a box of this stuff for my collection? Probably, but I’m not proud of it.

Wait until the anti-gun media gets hold of this advertising stuff.

Oh I agree fully. It is shameful and silly for a respected company like Hornady I think. But for the purposes of collecting and discussion, I am so glad that they did it. From a strict profit perspective they will have a winner, but for all the wrong reasons.

Pure GENIUS on Hornady’s part. The Zombie craze is HUGE, especially here in the U.S. There’s even well known Universities that are writing up Zombie evacuation plans for their campuses! Hornady will even suck in non-gun people that will buy their ammo just for the heck of it.

But in reality, I fear that Hornady will (already has?) become the joke of the ammo industry with this stuff. Hornady can’t compete with the Big Four (Fed, Win, Rem & Speer) when it comes to selling to LE agencies, so they need a new market niche to sell their ammo to.

so is there any word on if there is any different markings on the back of the rounds?