The future of the International Ammunition Association is almost here!

The future of the International Ammunition Association is almost here! Within the next couple months all members will have access to the International Ammunition Association Research Center.

This past year we have been working on creating this new space that will be the premier collection of documents and research resources related to ammunition.

Half of Labbett & Edwards documents have already been tagged and organized and are in the process of being added to the research center. Full books and other documents have been added. More ammunition manufacturer catalogs have been added and each person will be able to have their own account where they can create their own collections and organize their research to quickly get to things.

If you have been waiting to join the IAA this is the year to do it!


This is going to help me a bunch, can’t wait.
Thanks Aaron

Same Here. If the Centre includes all the Factory Designs of both Cartridge cases and Projectiles, I can increase the range of CNC Brass Military Profile projectiles I manufacture for Reloaders and making
Inert cartridges with correct profile Projectile.
Eg, Mle1886 Balle D, 8mm M30 S, US M2, .303 Mark Vi & VII 7,9mm S & sS, etc. KYNOCH, SFM, erc Designs are
Priceless…also for making Obsolete case designs.

Thanks to the Organisers…will join IAA formally in 2019…been a Lurker since before Moses played Fullback for Gerusalem!!!

Doc AV
Down under

Not that i really needed one, but sounds like as good a reason to finally join. Done.

Moses played for Maccabi Tel Aviv…not Jerusalem! Everyone knows that!


Looking really good, this will be a fantastic addition to the site and the IAA. It will be worth it DocAV4901 I can assure you of that, there are hundreds of factory drawings in the reference collection.


TEL Aviv or Jerusalem, depends whether old Moishe played Soccer or Rugby…according to Aussie lore…he played Rugby, although in Melbourne, ( very big Hebrew community) he may have played Aussie Rules ( " aerial pingpong", derived from Gaelic Football).
Any way, Tel Aviv ( Aviv’s mound) was a village when Jerusalem was already several thousand years old…

Happy Hannukah,
Doc AV

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And thank you!

WELL DONE and great appreciation to the team of folks who took on this daunting task and dug in and are making it happen.
This is a tremendous archival treasure chest for collectors and researchers which will be used for many decades to come.

DocAV- Welcome as a new member, and repeating my thanks for all your many informative posts while lurking. Now, you probably have a bunch of stuff in your archives which should be added to this for others reference in the future. Start setting it aside and get it scanned before someone decides it is worthless and uses it to line kangaroo pens.

Aaron & all who made it happen, thanks a lot!
Can’t wait to digg the files.

Many congratulations, I look forward to browsing!

I have a few things which may be of interest, but do have a question. Details given in good faith may still have errors. How do we handle known errors.?

This is going to be an invaluable resource and I’d hate to propagate incorrect information, Its a pet hate of mine.


I think the beauty of this database is its mainly source material, so less likely hood of errors(always go to the source, if possible).
If you wanted to add an item to this and not sure about the accuracy, maybe put a caveat on it stating so?

Yes, that needs to be done if possible. Most material I have in mind is source, however, I know it does contain an occasional error. I was just wanting to know if, and how to add the caveat.

I may turn on the ability to leave comments on the resources. Still looking into that.

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I can understand the concern that could cause. Guess it needs to have some way of establishing any comments are factual.

So where is the link?

“Tel Aviv ( Aviv’s mound)”

Sorry Doc, but Aviv is not a person, it’s Spring, as in the season. Comes out more like “Hill of Spring”.

Can we add information to the center?

This is now live!

The over 1000 members that we had an email address for should have just received an email with instructions to set up a password and login.

Check your spam folder.

I will create instructions soon on requesting an account if you we did not have a recorded email address.

This is an ever-growing archive of data and many many many more things will be added!