"The Hurt Locker" question

In the film called “The Hurt Locker” movies.yahoo.com/movie/180991456 … .83827403-
there is a scene in which a 50cal semi-auto sniper rifle jams because a British soldier’s blood is all over the top of a loaded spare magazine and when the magazine is inserted, the gun refuses to cycle. I don’t own 50cals and usually do not shoot blood soaked ammo so the premise of a large piece of machinery being jammed by a relatively small amount of freshly spilled blood sounds suspicious to me. So, does this scene look realistic or it is Hollywoodalized for more dramatic action?

I’m not sure about the blood jamming question “it sounds off to me” I have only seen the previews but from what I saw there is alot of Hollywood involved some stuff that would never happen in the field

I can’t get anything from your link, but rarely does hollywood get “gun stuff” right, especially when the “gun” is integral to a scene like this one seems to be.

If you saw “X-Men Origins - Wolverine” recently, there was a scene where a helicopter armed with an M-134 minigun was attacking Wolverine. They really screwed that one up because when the minigun was firing, the sound of the cyclic rate of fire was more like that of a .30 caliber Browning! Nevermind that fact the in spite of the gun shooting 3,000-6,000 rounds per minute, the gunner could not hit anything!

I wonder what kind of blanks they use in the hollywood miniguns since the gun is electrically driven… I know that on one of the Dillon video’s, you can see that the empty cartridges in at least on scene appear to be regular M-82 blanks.

Doc AV?


Here is a different trailer but none of them show the scene I mention traileraddict.com/trailer/th … er/trailer

Vlad would you like me to send you that scene so you can post it?



Great movie by the way, thanks! I know the scene you are refering to, and I don’t see why that would cause the weapon not to function, unless peices of the previous owners skull was on the ammo too…