The improved Kynoch adaptor


Hi I have found a box with this on it it also says {For .303 service rifle} in the box is what I imagine a sleeve that reduces the cartridge size and a metal pin about .250 thou dia with a small bent end this i imagine is used to push out the spent shell out. Does anybody know if this is the original content of the box or is there parts missing?


Hi Mike,

Not sure if this will answer your question or not! Below are two pictures from the Kynoch 1901-2 and the 1902-3 catalogues that show the item in question “but” it does not list it as the “Improved” version, however there are some subtle differences between the two views.
The next catalogue I have is the 1911 but there is no mention that I can find of the adaptor, however the bullet is still on sale.
1901-2 Catalogue

1902-3 Catalogue



Hi Mike.
Thank you for the prompt reply and so much detail. I have taken a picture of what I have and wonder if it is complete.


Hi Mike,

Could do with an end view but I don’t think it is, looking at those two variants you are missing the “Locking Key” and I can not get my head round how that bar works atm.



That “bar” is the extractor, note it is not shown on either of the catalog page images.
you simply put the small end in the slot on the insert and prised out the fired case.


I still don’t quite follow how that works. Reading the blurb that is with the advert; you have the Locking Key “C” in the slot “E” and the extractor from the bolt “F” in the slot “D” which you have lined up with the aperture in the chamber, so that should extract the cartridge. So if you follow that "where does that rod fit as all the gaps in the adapter are taken?
Only thing that I could envisage was that “rod” was used to extract the actual adapter from the chamber by inserting at Point “A” on the end view?


Here’s is the extractor in question:





Now I am confused ?

Not sure now, and I dont have one to hand to check.

I had assumed that this tool was the extractor, as the guns normal extractor would not work on a case in the adapter. ???

Or as you say it could be a tool to remove the adapter ???



Nice one Dave,

There you go Jim looking at Dave’s picture, it is for getting the adapter out of the chamber. The extractors “F” are long enough to get under the rim of the case (one would assume).



I think this is why the rim on these adapter cartridges is so big in diameter. So that the guns extractor will extract the casing.


Thank you Guys very informative so it is not really complete, I shall have a closer look in the stuff i have and see if there is anything left like “C” in the picture.