The internet search

The above link is a YouTube video about internet searches & filtering on Google & Facebook by a TED speaker.

Very, very, scary (to me) & very interesting. So next time you Google something about an interest (Ammunition?) you should be aware of filtering, and that big internet companies may well be watching / recording(?) it.

What did you get when you googled Egypt?

You are right to highlight this. All searches and internet traffic is being watched. They probably have a file on most of us. Dangerous nut cases or loyal patriots? I hope they opt for the latter.

PS I got your e-mail, thanks for that

There are ways around this by using proxy servers. Firefox browser includes a proxy server app.

I always wear a tinfoil hat when using my PC. Or when driving my car with a GPS Navigation system. Or when using an ATM. Or . . .

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Pete, you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve deactivated my Facebook account after seeing your post.

Guys - nothing to worry about here. Google, Facebook, Ebay, and other websites have long collected data about their users so as to provide tailored service, and these settings can all be turned off or modified if you want to through your browser’s options. The guy in the video is mostly complaining more about how he doesn’t appreciate being fed tailored data that he didn’t necessarily ask for, than he is trying to proclaim a conspiracy of information control. His talk about the “bubble” that surrounds people is just a warning about people not reading between the lines of filtered news and data that is provided to them automatically & instantly in the first level of information of search results and front-page news. It’s not analogous to China’s domestic web filtering and monitoring of information about Tiananmen Square or whatever. I have used Google for years and it is by-far the best search engine. I don’t use Google Chrome, or Gmail, and I periodically delete the information-collecting “cookie” files from my PC. It doesn’t take much to keep the junk and tailored stuff out of your face, and if you try with any effort you can find volumes of information relevant to what you want. As far as Facebook changing their settings - that website is like a virtual social club for family & friends, it’s hardly a relevant concern as to whether they filter out comments from whomever. I don’t even use Facebook.

As for ammo collectors needing to be concerned about information being collected about us… Over the many years that I have searched for things like “cop killer” AP ammo, depleted uranium stuff, Chinese munitions, Russian hardware in Libya, and what kind of pocket pistol loads might penetrate a tank - I have never heard from the Men in Black.

The guy in the video is just doing the whole shtick of: “I bet you didn’t realize this, listen to me and you too can be privy to the truth”, just like Penn & Teller, John Stossel, or Jesse Ventura do on their shows. If he had explained that the browser settings can be set to more generic results via private info/data settings, etc… it would sort of make his exposé moot. I think that being responsible with online searches and understanding the data that they provide is the same thing as being careful about the information coming from tv, newsprint, or radio news - you may or may not be getting the truth and it’s up to the individual listener/reader to verify for themselves. Otherwise we’d all think that blue-tip ammo was armor piercing:
(she even says they are going to “separate fact from fiction” in the video)…

Matt, you & DennisK are probably 100% correct in that their are ways around this in the settings used. I’m just not that computer savvy (why I’m on a MAC & thats my excuse & I’m sticking to it). So my tinfoil hat is on, & I posted it for others in my boat.

Your right it is mostly about being fed data according to your past searches, but the point is why or do??? they stop there?

I did yesterday, get a phone call about a guy (#1) who called another guy (#2) asking about collecting grena des & parts thereof. #1 said he was going to search the internet & find some fu zes. #2 strongly advised him against that approach, but apparently he did & purchased same from an outfit in TX. (canister not fr ag type fu zes & likely a manufacturer for Police usage).
Later #1again called #2 & told him he had a visit from the F B!. Everything was OK they were very nice, he had explained about his reasons & that he was in the process of writing a book. So they said goodbye.

I asked #2 how long ago this was & he said about a year ago.

#2 was my caller, a very, very, well respected collector who wanted to relate the above personal story after reading the post & watching the link.

So men in black do visit & the internet does have ears.

Yeah I know I’m being silly with the spaces, BUT…

keep your powder dry

The men in black are definitely watching all internet traffic. There have been arrests over here of terrorist suspects (Britain is crawling with them) of mostly impressionable young men who have been accessing the wrong sort of websites and it would appear they got flagged up very quickly. Real terrorists presumably would not be that dumb.
The recent riots in London were orchestrated via facebook and the police made a lot of arrests afterwards through tracking messages . two kids got four years each just for posting, there is no evidence they took part.

The process relies on key words and I assume we use plenty all the time. I am relaxed about it, we are not doing anything wrong. Ok they may get read but you are not likely to get a knock on the door