The Last Kynoch Dated Boxes

I ask for the latest date stamped on British Kynoch sporting ammunition boxes.
I show a Martini-Henry box from 14 J V (14 March 1973).
Most charts stop at 1972 or U ?
Please show or list your latest dated boxes.

As stated in another bost the black printed, white boxes need to also be looked at for last production lot numbers

I checked my white Kynoch boxes and only had six examples.
They seem to have been used from 1943 to 1973 so at least 30 years?
The latest is 12 H V (12 Jan 1973) for the .375 H&H Flanged.
My Martini box is still the latest I have found.

Two interesting date codes.
K 12/68 on the .45 Colt and K 31 12 43B on the .320 Revolver box.

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Interesting, the dating. Somehow I thought these plain-jane white ones were the last.

When I was in England1967-68, Tom Wilkes came back one day with a few rather large stacks of 5-size red & yellow 600 boxes (perfaps 70-100?) He had apparently bought all the remaining stock of these from the factory. The code on those is: 16 R C/S".

As an aside, the .375 Flanged with the Nosler bullet, which is otherwise the same (including the code), exists with a 270 Gr Nosler Partition loading and the code on the back of it is: ā€œ19 Q Uā€.