The Latest Fashion in 1954: Lazy Dog Earrings

Promotional pictures showing a Pentagon secretary wearing “Lazy Dog” earrings, 1954.

Same as above, but compared with a .30 Cal. (.30-06) cartridge, 1954:


I’ll wear them at SLICS!!!

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Congratulations Fede.
Thank you for these rather special photographs … Never seen.


Cool! I just took a few of mine into work today to clean them up. I plan on re-parkerizing them

Henry, why cleaning? The top one has the original phosphate coating.

I didn’t touch the parkerized one on top, that one was in good shape but you should have seen the other three brother before I cleaned them up. Pitted and rusted bad. I should have posted a before and after! C’mon Alex, I’m not THAT dumb lol…