The M16 Rifle and its Cartridge by David R Hughes

I am selling my copy of this superb book on Ebay. I am located in the UK and I appreciate that for anybody outside of the UK buying off Ebay might be complicated and certainly prohibitively expensive. However, Ebay have introduced a new Global Posting System which I understand makes the process simple and affordable. I recently shipped a package to Norway and it only cost me 2.95 GBP. On that basis I thought post this link in case anybody wants to give it a go…

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Wow… Someone wanted your book more than me.

Yes, sorry Jester. It will be interesting to see how much it costs the buyer to ship to the US. eBay’s Global Shipping Program seems to work well though…it certainly opened up a huge market.

Ebay quoted me $25 which is one of the reasons I stopped bidfing when it hit the price I could buy it locally for.


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The eBay Global Shipping Programme is in my expertience overpriced and unjustifiably slow when shipping from USA to UK.
It frequently take five days within the US for an item just to reach the GSP centre in Kentucky, before it is processed to be send to UK. When it arrives in the UK it goes to a courier company hub that seems to take ages processing things.
Import duties are always charged at standard rate, even though antique items should be charged a lower rate of duty.
Anything that is remotely gun/munition related is stopped in Kentucky, the sale cancelled, and the buyer refunded. This happened to me with a purchase of empty WW1 Hotchkiss feed strips.
EBay automatically opted in US sellers, so that they have to use the GSP. If the seller chooses to opt out, they can then send by USPS or whatever service they choose to use. This is normally quicker and cheaper for the buyer. But many sellers do not opt out.
If I see an item I want to purchase that will ship by GSP, I now ask the seller before bidfing if they will opt out and send to me by 1st Class mail, USPS, etc. If they say no, I don’t buy the item.

“Anything that is remotely gun/munition related is stopped in Kentucky, the sale cancelled, and the buyer refunded”

Exactly! I sold a small orange colored First Responder folding utility pocket knife on eBay using there shipping program to Canada and it went thru Kentucky. It was confiscated as war materials.
It is total nonsense.

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