The memory of blood and tears——War of Resistance Against Japan

Cartridge used in The War of Resistance Against Japan,China ,WWII
Second Sino-Japanese War

Arisaka 6.5mm Rifle Cartridge

Unearthed at ShanXi Province,China

7.92×57mm Mauser



A very interesting mix of cases.
Any history on where they were found?

I am quite surprised to see German military 7.9 mm cases (photo 8) being found in what must be Southeast Asia.

I think, cases who was several years in the ground do not show this kind of clear green annulus colour

German ammo donated to USSR in 1945 and given as military aid to “progressive” causes.

I heard those Japanese stripper clips are very hard to come by and you can expect to pay dearly for them. I bought a stripper clip of 7.7mm (5each) from a Marine who got them on Saipan.

KMT Government keep good relationship with Nazi German,1934-1937.KMT Government use ore to change ammunition. Including Maxim gun, G98 and their mechanical drawings.

I think Orange may have a good point. I have a clock made by Norinco with a border of about 60 Steel case 7.9x57mm inerted rounds. All are dated 1944 and are mostly nbe cases but some cg. Most logical explanation is that they came by way of Russia at some time after the end of WWII.

In Vietnam in 1966, German weapons from WWII were not uncommon. The 3rd TAC Fighter Wing (F-100s) had both an MP 40 and an MG 34 hanging on their wall that had shown up somewhere in the area! The wall had about 20+ ex-VC/NVA weapons.


Two of the 30-06 MTs look like blanks. Is this cache from a training area?
Also is that a 45-70 among cases and clips in pic 11?

Orange: I would vote for .45-70. The caliber was used in China in earlier times. Jack

Unfortunately, at least one of the Chinese-headstamped
rounds of 7.9 x 57 mm dated 1952 was from the Korean War,
where with the CCF Intervention of 1950/51, China choose support
aggression of North Korea against South Korea, in the process of
being repelled by United Nations and ROK troops, causing the
unjust war as South Korea to go on much longer with many more
people killed needlessly, on both sides of the conflict. A shame considering
the heroic stand of China and its people against the aggressive invasion
of China by the Japanese, basically the same aggressive type of warfare
perpetrated by North Korea against South Korea.