The New Rifle Cartridge For U.S. Army Appears To Be The Cased Telescoped Cartridge (At Least For The Time Being)

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Examples of CT ammunition from a 2016 presentation:


Something is fishy!
They list 7,62x51 NATO as having a 131grain bullet but:
FSC 1305
Page 180 clearly states the M59 ball as having a 150.5grain bullet and page 194 states the M80 ball as having a 146grain bullet.

The new US Army 7.62mm M80A1 EPR bullet weighs around 130 grains.

Brian, the 6.5mm CT you show was intended to be in the same power class as the 7.62 x 51. This was before the US Army became fixated on punching holes in high-grade body armour at several hundred metres range… which requires a much more powerful cartridge.

Assuming that some new super-magnum 6.8mm round does eventually enter service, it is entirely possible that it will use CT technology, but that will probably face competition from more conventional designs. The one thing we know about it is that all competitors are supposed to use the Army’s 6.8mm 125 grain EPR bullet (unless something’s changed since the last time I looked).

Thanks for the feedback.

The only reason I showed the 6.5mm CT Ammo page from a NDIA presentation is because it was the first stored file I opened that had a good photo of a CT cartridge.

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