The new is coming with FaceBook


This month was a hard one. After 16 &1/2 years we lost our shopping cart due to a major malfunction.
We have decided to build a brand new site, web-site, and it should be bigger, and better then ever.
It will take months to get it up and running, but it will be bigger and better, and hopefully be a better forum to educate the general public about the hobby of cartridge collecting and information on the 1,000s of ammunition cartridges.
We will still be open as we build a completely new web-site taking orders over the phone (207-648-4087) and by e-mail (
I decided to add a Facebook to the site links, for people to express themselves on the subject of ammunition and shooting ammo.
We hope you will join our face book, and tell your ammunition friends about us, link below:

Thank you
Dave Call
A Call to Arms, LLC