The onus of 'Discovered' ammunition

I am not much of a cartridge collector. I am a firearms collector and shooter; and I enjoy the history of firearms and ammunition development. I have a small collection of reasonably modern rounds to show curious friends and some ‘oddball’ items for demonstrations of ‘odd’ calibers and rounds. So while I am somewhat conversant with old rounds, I really have serious gaps in my education of specifics.

Recently, a friend came across a pile of old ammunition. Specifically, a couple boxes of Remington .32 Short Rimfire ammunition. I know someone wants almost anything - if the proper someone can be located.

I’ve seen individual rounds advertised through websites for around $5.00 each and marked ‘collector only, not guaranteed to fire’. Any thoughts on what I could expect for full boxes? I have three full boxes and some loose rounds as well.

I have pictures, but cannot directly download them from my computer. I’ve seen better boxes, and I’ve seen worse.

If you are asking what they are worth, then the best bet is to compare your box and rds to others that have sold on Gunbroker or others that are for sale. The most accurate pricing can be based on completed sales of similar condition, brand, and era. If you want to post a picture here, just follow the instructions on posting pictures in the forum found permanently at the top of the general discussion folder under “posting images in the forum”.

If you want to sell them here, you can do that in the buy/sell/trade folder, but you must be a paid IAA member to post in that folder.