The passing of Ron Bergeron

Many who collect hand grenades and medium/large caliber ammunition may have known Ron Bergeron, a well respected collector and gentleman of the old South. Ron died on 9 August at 81, he will be missed.


He wasn’t a fixture at SLICS but came often enough that we became pals and we visited a couple times in New Orleans. A southern gentleman who recently retired from the dentistry world. Sad that retirement came late and didn’t afford him more “playtime” with his hobby.


37 1/2 years ago (Jan 1984)

Can you imagine my impression, then me being a 30 y/o collector and seeing this collection ???

PS…two New Orleans legends…Ron (left) and the late Bob Eddy (who had an equally massive collection to astound me as a youngster)

The disposition of both collections have many concrete lessons for us collectors (and it is NOT “all good” !!!)


So sorry to hear this he was a really great guy & very knowledgeable collector.
Veteran of Vietnam, & gentleman.
Miss you Ron.

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For clueless people like me, can you expand onto the meaning of you’ve said?

The “break up”…“sale”…“disposal”…of the collection “did not go well” (shall I say LE; ATF; FBI, EOD ??)

MAJOR lessons to be learned, relearned, taught and no one better than the IAA’ s own USSubs (Jeff) that might have his arm twisted to speak of it at SLICS '22.

May not be best to commit it to writing on the Forum. I certainly only know a fraction of the issues albeit “hearsay” .

As it is said…“if we do not learn from history we are sure to repeat it”

Need I say…our hobby is not a mainstream “favorite” with the ever shifting political sands.



Thanks, I can read between the lines. What is the big (red?) object Ron holds in the 1st photo?

i think 150mm or 210mm casing (for morser ?)

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