The REST of My Gun Show Haul

The big black container on the left is sealed:
‘Signal Ground, Amber Star Parachute, M21A1
Manufactured by M. Backes’ Sons, Inc.
Date Packed Nov. 1944 Lot MBS-202 A’

The small red tin is also sealed- Who was DMC?:
‘Signal, Distess, 1" Single Star Red, M73
[Ord Bomb]
Lot DMC 8 Date May 1945
Insp. C. W. Mfg. D M C’

The large tin, unfortunately, is empty- but still way cool, especially wit no lot number or packed by… not actually used, maybe?
MK 1

And even the BOX has a designation! Does this mean anything special, and who used/issued this tin?:
‘BOX 540 MK1
12MB 5/45’

The last is not just ammo.
I traded a .22 rifle I did not like, for a little thing I loved as soon as I realised it was chambered for .25 ACP, (it was marked ‘5.5 Velo Dog’). And I got a box of ammo tossed in with the deal… so, there IS ammo shown here, (and it looks real nice next to my ACTUAL 5.5 Velo Dog revolver)!

Can anyone ID the maker that used the ‘Staypuff Marshmallow Man’ as their logo?

If this is out of bounds, let me know and I will pull the last two pictures.

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That’s a beautiful Velo Dog! The plum bluing on the loading gate is phenomenal

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Jack, it depicts a policeman and was a trademark owned by Albrecht Kind of Germany. The revolver was made by Francisco Arizmendi in Spain.



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Fede, thanks!
Here is my real Velo Dog, with 5 cartridges.
The bottom cartridge is a .22 Magnum for comparison, for those who have not seen a loaded 5.5 mm Velo Dog.


Strelok, thanks, and yes, I got very lucky on this one! A hundred dollar rifle I did not like for a revolver I would have paid $150 for… I usually end up paying too much.

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