The Revised Connecticut gun / ammo law

Browsing around, and I came across a few interesting bits of info in the revised CT gun / ammo law which is described in full (93 pages) here: and in summarized form here: Http://

I noticed that they have now expanded the rules on armor piercing ammunition beyond .50 caliber (they and CA were the only states regulating .50 cal AP) to include pistol cal AP ammo. Interestingly they only restrict the sale, distribution, transport, and carry of ammo loaded in a gun, and not simple possession, so collectors should be safe.

Other odd provisions of the law include restriction of shotguns with a “Revolving cylinder”’ which would seem to serve in only restricting the Taurus “Circuit Judge” shotgun, which is a harmless novelty weapon. A restriction on 37mm launchers was enacted, and restrictions on “pistols over 50oz” (meant to restrict AR & AK pistols) was repealed.

The weight restriction rule had previously caused .500S&W and .460XVR revolvers to violate this since most of them weigh over 50oz. The above rules regarding weight, certain shotguns, and 37mm all have Handgun Control Inc / Brady campaign written all over them and are intended to allow for future ease of modification to continually envelope more firearms into the law.

I suspect the ammo rules with regard to AP ammo will go unenforced and virtually unknown of, except for the need of the CT FOID cards for purchase which Is the much hyped part of the new law.

It is very likely the revolving cylinder shotgun reference equates to the Striker/Sweeper types that are already heavily restricted as destructive devices at the Federal level.

The country became [color=#0040FF]so much safer[/color] after those nightmare inducing firearms where removed from the hands of the general public…

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