The Rhen Westf. Explosives Company

The Rhen Westf. Explosives Company
Is it a subsidiary of RWS? or unrelated? or…?
Any other information about this company would also be welcome.

Pete: Since the name is merely an English semi-abbreviated rendering of the original German name of RWS and the location is Nuremberg I’d think that it does identify the maker of the cartridges as RWS. Jack

Pete, this was one of many different English language designations used by RWS and it is possible that these were initially intended for distribution by C. G. Mueller, the London agent of this company until 1913. Later, its use was continued by J. L. Galef of New York, NY, but I assume that sooner or later it became a generic label for any English speaking country.

Below you can see a list of all the different designations that I have found so far:

  • Rhenish-Westphalian Explosives Co. Ld.

  • Rhenish-Westphalian Explosives Co. Ltd.

  • The Rhen. Westf. Explosives Co. Ltd.

  • R. W. Exploss Co. *

  • The Rhen. Westf. Explosives Co.

  • The Rhen. Westph. Explosives Co.

  • The Rhen-Westph. Explosives Co.

  • Rhen. West. Explosives Co.

  • Rhen.-West. Explosives Co.

  • H. Utendoerffer, Rhen. Westph. Explosives Co.

  • H. Utendoerffer, Rhein. Westf. Explosives Co.

  • The Bavarian Ammun. Works of the Rhen. West. Explosives Co.

  • The Bavarian Works of the Rhen. West. Explosives Co.

  • The second “s” is a superscript letter that I can’t reproduce here.



The RHEN box is similar to the Eagle box. Same black marble box with similar label. Cartridges have the same headstamp.

Thank you all, it would seem I have a need to learn German! As “Sprengstoff” is Explosive.

Thanks again.

Learn something new every day !