The russian GSCH 18 and PYA pistol and the 9 x 19 PBP ammo

The GSCH 18 pistol is in successful use by special forces,FSB and OMON since 2003.

The russian army introduced the PYA pistol, a simple Browning patent.

The cartridge is loaded with the 1987 developed AP bullet. A gilding metal jacket with a casehardened steel core. The different ammotypes where called PBP,7H21 or 7P31.

The bullet weight is 4,2 gramms ( 65 grains) and the MV is very high at 600 m/sec

The current developement used a jacket that let most of the core uncovered outside the case.


You mixed 9x19 and 9mm Makarov.
The shown fired projectile (PBM) is for the Makarov.
The 9x19 cartridges in Service are the 7N21, 7N31 and the newest is the 7N30.
Your last image shows the 7N31.

The “PBP” should read PBM and is as said for the Makravov.

The “PYa” is the officially new adopted Russian Army pistol. They say tht it can be easily rebarreled to three calibers. 9x19, 7,62x25 and 9x18 Mak.

A very nice overlook about russian 9mm ammunition. Mostly cross sectioned drawings - nice for references :-).

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