The shooters in NSW Austrailia need our help

A move is afoot to evict the Australian shooters from the Anzac ranges in NSW by the left wing local administration

a petition has been set up to save them

your support would be appreciated if the forum sees this as appropriate. Certainly British, NZ, Canadian and US teams regularly shoot on these ranges in competition against the Aussies.

Perhaps the forum admin could let this run for a day or so before deleting it


THis call is from 2009…way out of date, as there has since been a State election in NSW, with the Conservatives ( “Liberals”) vbeing returned in a landslide back in 2010.

Why is this old post being re-surrected?

Another Computer Glitch, maybe?
( only two 2009 entries show up)
Doc AV

Doc - you appear to be looking at the ‘joined date’ not the ‘posted’ date !?

I may have mistaken the “joined date” for the “Posted” date, but in any case, the information is at least two to three years out of date…as I said, the Socialist NSW State government was “washed out” by a Landslide victory of the Liberal ( read Tory/conservative) Party in late 2011…and any attempts to close Anzac Range are a hold-over from those previous (Labour Party) times.

And the “Shooters party” has two (I think) members of the State Upper House, and wield considerable clout in the Legislative Council ( where there are other minor parties and independants, so the “party Line” system is less clear or defined, on most matters.)

But any help is welcomed by NSW shooters ( and other Aussie Shooters as well, given the rapid changes in State Gov’ts – which control Police, and therefore Firearms ( Constitutional prerogative not permitted to Canberra , despite Financial Blackmail etc ( 1996, 2003) ).

Doc AV