The state of US military (and ammo) museums

I’ve read this article … -military/ which talks about US bases around the world. There is a sentence in it (underlined) which amazes me. US is building a new military museum in South Korea while dis-assemblying and closing museums in continental US!!! Just great!!!

“In South Korea, where there are 28,500 troops, the U.S. plans to move its forces from the Yongsan Garrison in Seoul to Camp Humphreys, about 40 miles south of the capital. The U.S. must provide most of the military family housing and cover the cost, estimated at $7 billion.
In return, South Korea gets prime real estate in downtown Seoul. During the transition, the U.S. will be responsible for maintaining both sites at a considerable cost. The project also calls for a $10 million museum at the newer base.

Sickening. Why in hell should South Korea get anything in return for our troop presence there? They should be paying the entire bill for U.S.Military presence in the defense of THEIR country. Once again, we are the world"s suckers! W. C. Fields would have loved this.