The strategy to attack "gun violence" by ammunition control

Everyone (in the U.S. at least) should take the time to review the strategy laid out by the “Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence,” a bunch of lawyer pals of gun-grabbing Senator Diane Feinstein.

Firearms are designed to deliver ammunition. Without ammunition, firearms are no more dangerous than any blunt object, causing some scholars to refer to ammunition as the “actual agent of harm.”1 While firearms are subject to various regulations (including licensing of dealers and background checks on prospective purchasers), ammunition is largely unregulated.

Laws regulating the purchase and possession of ammunition can help limit access by children, convicted felons and other prohibited persons, and can reduce the threat of firearms in the hands of these and other dangerous individuals. Except in a small number of states and municipalities that regulate ammunition transfers, ammunition purchasers are not subject to a background check, and sellers are not required to be licensed, keep a record of ammunition sales, or even request a purchaser to show proof of age. While federal law bans mail-order and internet firearm transactions, sales of ammunition by mail or over the internet are subject to no federal oversight.2

Read the whole thing, including a long list of restrictions in various states that are being highlighted as models for implementation in other states (or at the federal level). It is long, but you NEED to see what the opposition is pushing at the federal, state and local levels to restrict your ammunition rights.

Never mind that the restrictions are foolish, ineffective, inefficient, and worthless in actually reducing crime, they are part of the anti-gun movement’s ultimate goal of confiscation of all guns and ammunition. Laws to “protect endangered species” by banning lead ammunition is really about banning ammunition and guns of all kinds, by one incremental category at a time. They undoubtedly see anyone interested in ammunition or guns as either a psycho or criminal so “cartridge collector” to them is about that same as “mentally ill” and should not have any.

Read the full report. PLEASE!

Every cartridge collector should also be a member of the National Rifle Association and financially support their efforts to protect your right to collect ammunition.

There are many other restrictions that have been considered that not even mentioned, such as banning of certain calibers “commonly used in crime” (mainly common handgun ammunition and of course “assault weapons” ammunition), serialization of each bullet and each container, means of identifying sources of propellant (micro identification discs in powder), and banning or severely restricting reloading by any number of means (ammunition reloading permits, extreme taxation on components, imposition of impossible requirements for storing propellants and primers, recordkeeping requirements for every round loaded, etc.). There is no end to the oppressive measures that could be proposed in the near future.


Things we commonly know from fascist states! We should propose them to do like North Korea, I bet the crime rate there is very low.

It seems like there have constantly been threats in terms of new ammo laws over the past 20 years or so, but 99.9% never see the light of day past committee or floor vote luckily. Most of the laws that make it past a vote are thankfully redundant like so many of the state-level pistol-caliber armor piercing laws which say that it is a felony to use such projectile types only during the course of a crime.

The ones that really concern me are the sneaky type of laws from places like the CPSC or EPA regarding what is considered hazardous or what can be shipped, etc… Lawmakers can make shipping and selling ammo online a real pain if they want to.