The truncated cone 9x19 Luger in 1922


I have in the collection a two cartridges dated 1922 year. Their headstamps are “K 22” and “FN 22”. Both cartridges have the truncated cone bullets. This type of bullet by 1922 was considered obsolete and used countries that have adopted the Luger pistols until 1908 only. I guess the reason for this was the conservatism of the military. But my question is not about that. I assume that two large companies have issued the same obsolete ammunition in one year for a reason. This is not a coincidence. I assume that the production of cartridges was ordered by a third country that uses Luger pistols, but does not have its own cartridge production. What is this country?


Your suspicions are correct. These cartridges were both Contract ammunition for the Dutch. Beginning in 1920, the Dutch bought Truncated cone bullet 9x19mm from Kynoch to go with their “Vickers” Lugers. During WWI the Dutch had bought this ammunition from DWM. The DWM rounds are distinctive. During WWI German truncated bullet rounds had CNS jackets. In 1916 the German Army changed to the RN bullet with a GMCS jacket (why is another story).

The Dutch wanted to continue using the truncated bullet so DWM continued supplying this ammunition, but with GMCS bullets. If you see a DWM with a typical German military headstamp but a truncated GMCS bullet it is a Dutch contract load. These loads are known with both 1916 and 1917 dates.

After WWI, The Dutch went to Kynoch who produced this ammunition with dates from 1920 through 1923. Apparently the Dutch didn’t like the 1922 production, and instead ordered 1922 ammunition from FN. Although I have documented one of these Kynoch Dutch contract boxes dated 1922, the majority of 1922 dated rounds show up in Commercial Kynoch and Dominion boxes (Dominion didn’t make 9mm Para before 1942, and their earlier boxes all state that the ammo is from Kynoch). Kynoch apparently sold this ammunition for years since i have a Kynoch commercial box of this ammunition with a date code 1932.

FN only produced this ammunition in 1922. There is a Dutch labelled FN 1923 box known, but it was filled with loads produced for a Prussian Police order and sent to the arsenal in Thun Switzerland, apparently for acceptance testing. Again this is another story also.

9x19mm production history is fascinating! Thanks for asking.


PS: The Dutch continued buying truncated bullet 9x19mm cartridges for their Luger pistols into early 1941.